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Product Series

Product Series

Core advantage

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New energy vehicles
Photovoltaic inverter
Home Appliances
automated industry
  • New energy vehicles

    Including pure electric vehicles, extended-range electric vehicles, hybrid vehicles, fuel cell electric vehicles, hydrogen engine vehicles, etc.

  • robot

    Provide solutions for harmonic reducers, motor modules, contactors, and high/low voltage connectors for service robots, industrial robots and AGVs;

  • Photovoltaic inverter

    Provide solutions for household and containerized energy storage and energy storage inverters with relays, contactors, fuses, fans and high/low voltage connectors;

  • power

    Provide solutions for various industrial power supplies or equipment with fans, relays, and high/low voltage connectors;

  • Home Appliances

    Provide solutions for traditional home appliances and small home appliances with relays, connectors, brushless motors, and fans;

  • automated industry

    Provide solutions for standard/non-standard automated production lines and automated machines with servo motors, planetary reducers, direct drive motors, brake pads and magnetic scales;

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